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Every Mac, iPad and iPhone are built from the ground up with everyone in mind to help with vision, hearing, physical and motor skills and learning difficulties. You can find options in System Preferences on macOS and in Settings on iOS under Accessibility.


With iPad, students can learn in ways that meet their own specific needs. Feature like Speak Screen reads aloud to them, VoiceOver walks them through actions like opening a document or selecting a menu item, dictation converts spoken words to text and Siri helps students manage everyday tasks, like setting a reminder for a test. Below, you’ll find examples of tips for great success using iPad to help reach all learners. See some of our favourite features here:

Type to Siri - You can set Siri to allow typing instead of voice. Using the onscreen keyboard, students can get answers to questions, type a text, open apps and get reminders of upcoming activities.

Speak Screen and Speak Selection - Students can have all the content on iPad read back to them or highlight a specific range of text they want to hear. They can follow along as highlighted words, sentences or words within each sentence are read aloud.

FaceTime, Camera and Photos - FaceTime allows students to communicate visually through sign language, gestures and facial expressions. Using Camera, they can capture images and movies, then save them to Photos
to use in their projects.

iBooks Author - iBooks Authour gives educators a means of creating customised learning materials for iPad to support all types of learning. Static and interactive content like images, video, audio, and animations inspire multimodal learning opportunities that make iBooks textbooks more inclusive for all students.

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