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iPad Class Set Solution

Increase accessibility, creativity and collaboration with shared devices via an iPad Class Set solution.

Everything You Need

  • We understand the positive environment an iPad class set can develop and are able to design the perfect shared device solution for you.
  • Our class set solutions include the following components:
  • Your preferred choice of iPad
  • A range of ruggedised case options
  • Charge and storage cases/trolleys
  • Your preferred choice of Mac
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Volume Purchase Credit for apps
  • Apple TV for mirroring to IWBs and screens
  • Technical set up and ongoing support 
  • Curriculum focussed training for teachers and pupils

On going Journey

By forming a partnership with your school we will work alongside you for your entire journey with Apple technology. What starts as an initial class set may develop into multiple sets spread across key stages or curriculum areas, or even a full 1:1 device programme. Whatever happens we will be with you every step of the way, to ensure your solution is future proof and continues to bring you success year on year.



1:1 Deployment

The benefits of 1:1 deployment are numerous; by raising motivation levels, increasing interest and participation and encouraging learning to happen anywhere at any time. These elements create a personalised learning environment where educators have the opportunity to develop innovate and challenging methods of teaching. At Compu b, we will ensure a smooth role out of 1:1 deployment and make sure you have the structures in place for on-going management and success.

As part of our 1:1 deployment programme we offer:

Strategy and Aims
Clarify decisive aims and ongoing plan of action for 1:1 deployment based on your individual needs. This includes the development of a technical strategy for the 1:1 environment.

Ensure a sustainable 1:1 environment by establishing a suitable finance solution.

Communication and Engagement
Frequent and ongoing engagement with key participants in the 1:1 deployment, such as the Board of Management, principal and parents.

Pedagogy and Professional Development
Productivity, considered training for teachers and parents on a regular basis.

Continued Support

  • Technical support
  • Warranty and out-of-warranty support
  • Marketing
  • Case Studies