Professional Development

outline logo figure with lightbulb in centreOur team of Teachers, Apple Education Trainers and dedicated Education Specialists understand curriculum, pedagogy and the daily demands on teachers and principals. Our bespoke Professional Development offerings are designed to develop technical skills but also the confidence of your staff, as they begin to integrate technology into their classrooms and lessons. We take the time to fully understand the specific requirements and goals of every school we partner with, to ensure the solution we offer fits your needs and helps you drive toward success. 


First steps, Focus on Literacy, Reaching all Learners, Focus on Numeracy, Developing Skills, Creativity and Collaboration, safe environments, Full STEM ahead

Inspire and Engage Competence and Confidence

We will help you inspire and enthuse your teachers to utilise mobile devices for teaching and learning.

We deeply believe that confidence is as vital as competence to the success of iPad integration. Our programmes focus on both skills and curriculum development.

Apple Professional Development The challenge for You

You get access to the Apple Professional Development catalogue designed to help you effectively transform teaching and learning with Apple technology delivered by our accredited Apple Education Trainers. The catalogue is packed full of modular courses, designed by Apple. Our bespoke courses (listed below) compliment and interweave with these courses to make sure you get the most from all Professional Development.

We understand that introducing new technology is not just about installing new devices, it is about changing minds. We find solutions that make a difference to individuals and entire schools.


Why Compu b Professional Development?

All courses are delivered by a team who are immersed in Education, either as qualified teachers or as professional teacher trainers. We deliver our classes using blended methods, explaining the pedagogical value along the way and promoting an encouraging environment. The quality of our learning programmes is assured, we keep on top of trends and look to integrate any current hot topics into the classes. Our team inspire, we don’t just know the technology, we love how it impacts our classrooms and we want to share that with you. Our courses are broken into modules that may be delivered over a short or longer time period based on what works best for you.


Foundations Curriculum

  • iOS Devices
  • iOS Creativity
  • iOS Productivity
  • iPad for Learning
  • iOS for Administrators
  • OS X
  • iLife
  • iWork
  • iBooks Author
  • iTunes U Courses
  • Workflow for Teaching & Learning

  • Language Development and Literacy
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Reaching All Learners
  • Challenge Based Learning
Leadership Support

  • Education Strategic Planning
  • Vision and Plan (iOS)

  • iPad in the Classroom, Modelling and Twilight Workshop.