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Five things we still love about the iPhone SE!

contribution from Lauren Day, Compu b Marketing department

iphoneSE all colours


Its been almost one year exactly since the launch of iPhone SE, announced back on March 21st 2016. At this time, we had already seen the success of the new larger curved-screen design in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S and for the first time Apple introduced a brand new model for their entry level iPhone. This brand new device was the iPhone SE.  Revisiting the much loved, classic design of the iPhone 5S, Apple included some significant specifications that brought the ‘entry level’ model in line with its main competitors. So now with the firmly established iPhone 7 and 7 Plus range, we’re taking some time to reflect on what we still really love about the iPhone SE and why we think its still the perfect iPhone for a variety of users -  if you’re new to Apple, if you're looking for a great phone at a lower price and for anyone who recognises that big isn’t always better… 

4-inch Display

Remember the time before smart phones when your mobile could fit not only in your hand, but also your smallest jeans pocket? While the technology in iPhone SE is admittedly a vast improvement,  it offers that same ‘small but perfectly’ sized nostalgic feel. 

I love being able to hold my iPhone in one hand and use my thumb to navigate the entire screen (leaving my other hand free for other tasks such taking notes, sipping coffee etc.). The flat beveled edge feels more robust then the curve of the newer iPhone, so if you’re like me and fairly clumsy in nature, it feels really secure in your hands. I also like being able to stand the iPhone along the edge without the need of case, for instances where I’m having a FaceTime call while running around the kitchen or office! 

iPhone se and mac hands typing multitask

12MP Camera

Despite the smaller size, the iPhone SE is kitted out with the same high-spec iSight camera as the iPhone 6S models, that's a 12MP sensor with a f/2.2 lens - meaning you get amazing detail and real-life colour with every shot. And because it comes with a powerful A9 Processor, taking 4K videos, 240fps slow-motion footage and Live Photos is seamless. The iPhone SE recognises that people use their phones more then ever to document and share their lives, and again, the smaller size makes it even easier to quickly capture those significant moments. 

iPhone se and apple cable plugged in to mac charging

Better Battery

As expected, a smaller phone with slightly lower-resolution screen and the very power-efficient A9 Processor mean you get a lot of battery life out of the iPhone SE. Officially you’ll get 13 hours of talk time, but after a year of use I find I get at least a day and a half from normal use. So if ensuring you’re not worried about losing connection during the day is a concern, iPhone SE is a great bet without having to go for the much larger iPhone 6S Plus & 7 Plus models. 

Apple Pay Compatible

Apple Pay has just been launched in Ireland with compatible banks, and with the Touch ID and high-end processor we’re happy to know that iPhone SE is compatible. We’re now accepting Apple Pay in our stores nationwide, we've tested it out and its works great! 

iPhone Se apple iPhone held in hand

Apple features at a smaller price

The benefit of buying any Apple products are many but their enhanced security features always stand out when comparing to other products on the market. The iPhone SE is no different. It has the same secure encryption as the other iPhone models, meaning for a fraction of the price you are getting the same piece of mind you get will all Apple technology. And remember, when you buy anything Apple you have the reassurance that the same company builds both the software and hardware, meaning your experience will be easy, intuitive and most of all, enjoyable! 


And now at Compu b, to celebrate its first birthday we’re giving our customers an extra €30 of the iPhone SE in all of our stores and online!*

 * offer ends March 31st 2017, see for terms and conditons

iPhone SE promo graphic €30 off