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The Beast from The East may effect your Battery Life

This week we are anticipating the arrival of the #BeastFromTheEast - i.e. a series of cold, stormy and snowy weather fronts travelling across Europe from Siberia. Its only Tuesday and here in the Compu b Head Office in Dublin we've already seen a couple of hail and snow showers batter the windows!

During this time, especially if you're outside, you may notice a dramatic decrease in the battery performance of your iPhone. This is largely due to the standard lithium ion batteries that are used in most modern smart phones. Lithium ion batteries are designed to work best in a temperature between 5° - 45°Celcius, with anything higher than this potentially effecting the long term performance of the battery.  At prolonged extreme cold temperatures your iPhone may turn off altogether, this is completely normal and a safety precaution built-in to the majority of smart devices in order to reduce the risk of long term damage. 

hand holding out iPhone taking photograph of a snowy landscape

With this storm, Ireland and the UK have predicted temperatures of as low as -7°, so some reduction on the life cycle of your battery is quite likely! Don't worry though, as long as you avoid dipping your iPhone in snow or leaving it out side in the cold over night, it should regain normal performance once its temperature is allowed to rise.

What should you do? 

We recommend avoiding using your iPhone outside in the cold for prolonged periods of time during the storm and storing it in an unexposed, warm place while travelling (thats if any part of you manages to stay warm during the storm!)!

If you are unsure about the operating temperatures on your devices, every device includes an 'Environmental Requirements' listing with its product description on Apple's website (see screenshot below for example of iPhone X specifications), and all their devlces meets European regulatory standards.

screenshot from iPhone X spec page

If you are experiencing unusual temperatures on your device and are worried, check out this updated statement from Apple, released on February 15th 2018 or get in touch using our contact form.

27th February 2018