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Compu b & dataJAR

As one one of the UK & Ireland’s largest Apple Premium Reseller, our Business and Education teams at Compu b work closely with dataJAR to offer our clients a wide range of deployment and management solutions.  By partnering with dataJAR, we can offer our customers a full hardware, software and deployment solution when moving or upgrading their Apple technology no matter what the scale. 

Richard Mallion of dataJAR speaking at the iOS in Business Summit 2017

The team at dataJAR presented this September at our iOS in Business Summit in Dublin, demonstrating how managing Apple devices can bring organisations greater efficiency, more control and improved security, especially in light of the new EU GDPR IT governance due in May next year.

Here are some highlights of their presentation and why device management is an essential step in the distribution of devices within any company: 

Why should I manage my devices?

icon set for data jar deployment of apple devices

Endpoint Management 

Ongoing management of Apple devices is crucial, just as it would be if you owned a fleet of cars. There is a wide range of management options available that can be delivered via Mobile Device Management (MDM) including security, branding, VPN, Wi-Fi, mail and calendar settings.


Security is important and, with MDM, you can ensure your Apple devices are secure. This includes enforcing pass codes, encryption of local storage, restricting which apps are allowed and performing remote wipes if a device is lost or stolen. You can also manage your business apps (via an allow or deny policy) and ensure critical data cannot leak into other apps.

Inventory and Reporting

This is one of the most powerful features of iOS and an MDM solution. Every device regularly sends an inventory update, providing a snapshot of that device. This allows you to view which apps are installed, which security settings are in use and if encryption is enabled.

Once the system has this information, you can run dynamic reports. For example, your report could flag up a device which has fallen out of your security scope. If this occurred, an email would automatically be sent to your IT department allowing you to intervene quickly. You can quickly verify which version of iOS each device is running and also whether a device has been jailbroken.

With inventory and reporting you get full visibility of your devices and, if any go astray, the system will alert you immediately.


Deploying and provisioning new devices can be time consuming for your IT department. By making use of Apple’s Device Enrolment Program (DEP), new devices can be sent directly to the user from the reseller. Once powered up for the first time, the device will automatically enrol into your management system. This negates involvement from IT and provides zero-touch deployment.

Apps and Content

By making use of Apple’s Volume Purchase Program, you can bulk purchase Apps from various App Stores and send them automatically to your end users. More importantly, you can revoke the app at any point and reclaim the license so it can be used again. 

All of these features provide organisations with greater control, improved security and more efficient and stable IT.

How can Compu b and dataJAR help you?

Compu b & dataJAR already work with a huge number of clients in Ireland & the UK including large-scale deployments with Trinity College and Teckro. Call any member of the Compu b Business team today to get the conversation started. We can set up a free first time consultation with dataJAR to discuss the first steps towards saving your organisation time and money while managing your Apple technology.

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