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Connect Your Home with Compu b


Compu b has a range of cutting-edge home connect products from the Elgato Eve Door & Window Sensor to the Philips White and Colour Ambience Starter Kit. If you’re looking to integrate technology seamlessly into your home, then we have the device for you.

hue go

Philips Hue -B22 White and Colour Ambience Starter Kit

The Philips Hue -B22 White and Colour Ambience Starter Kit is the perfect entry point into smart-home technology. It includes 3 x E27 Bulb, dimmer switch and the Phillps Hue Bridge. Each part of the kit connects your home to the latest technology. The 3 x E27 colour smart bulbs allow you to sync your smart or iPhone with your home. You can change the whole feel of the room with mood lighting or switch to party mode for events. If you’re watching a movie you can now even sync your lights up to your TV, all from the Phillips Hue App. With simple installation, it’s a favourite for newcomers to smart-home technology. Explore the Colour Ambience Starter Kit here.

hue go

Phillips Hue Go

The Phillips Hue Go is the most versatile smart light Compu b have to offer. It’s stylish and portable with over 16 million colours to paint a room with. This device can be plugged in at home or charged for on the go use like camping or parties. The Phillips Hue Go also offers voice control to change the ambience of a room in an instant. Learn more about the Phillips Hue Go here.


Eve Door & Window Wireless Contact Sensor

The Eve Door and Window Wireless Contact Sensor will put your mind at ease in an instant. No longer will you have to check every door and window before leaving, the Eve Door & Window Wireless Contact Sensor will monitor all opening and closing and send it directly to your iPhone. It offers next level home security technology providing everyday peace of mind. This sensor is Apple Homekit compatible so you can sync up all your Apple devices through the Apple Homekit app. You can check out the Eve Door & Window Wireless Contact Sensor here.


Elgato Eve Energy

Learn more about your home energy’s consumption with the Elgato Eve Energy. Using the Apple Home Kit app, you can monitor your home’s energy consumption and how to conserve it. Not only that, but you can switch on and off your device from anywhere, all from the Apple Homekit app. Offering voice control this is the cutting edge of home technology and an essential for any smart home. Discover more about the Elgato Eve Energy here.