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Why You Should Never get an Unauthorised iPhone Screen Repair

When you’re unfortunate enough to crack your iPhone screen, two questions tend to pop into your head first, how much will it cost to repair and how quickly can it be done. This thought process brings many of us to get our iPhones repaired by un-official iPhone repair services that offer cheap and quick screen repairs for many different devices.

Some repair services can often be mistaken for authorised Apple repair services due to their professionalism and marketing but, there is only way to get a guaranteed Apple repair and that is to go to an Authorised Apple Service Provider like Compu b.

We've narrowed down the pitfalls of going to an unauthorised repair service, so that you can make an informed decision on your next repair.

Unauthorised Copy Screens

The unofficial screens that are used in these repairs typically have a massive drop in sharpness and brightness against the genuine Apple screens and are not to the same high quality. They also often have the digitiser component, the part that senses your touch, in the glass rather than the display itself. This placement makes these copy screens, less reliable and less accurate.

Refurbished Apple Screens

The refurbished Apple screens that are offered from some unauthorised Apple screen repair tend to be original Apple displays re-covered with new glass after previous damage. Although these are of higher quality than the copy screens, they are more fragile than a brand-new Apple screen. This is due to the screens being previously damaged, so they are more susceptible to scratches and are more at risk of breaking and shattering.

Genuine Apple Screens

Genuine Apple screens are only available through authorised Apple service providers like Compu b. The screens used are brand new, factory condition from Apple itself. The genuine screens will be fitted by Apple trained and certified technicians, meaning you will leave with a like new iPhone completely back and authorised by Apple.

Although it can be appealing to just pop into any repair shop to the get your iPhone repaired, it may cost you a lot more time and money in the future if you go for a copy or refurbished screen.

With copy screens it’s not just the screen quality that is not the same as an Apple screen, but they will often significantly affect the usability of your iPhone, disabling touch ID / Apple Pay, draining the battery more quickly or even damaging other components of your iPhone. This means a second repair at a more significant cost.

While refurbished seem like a cost-effective option they can also cause issues the replacement glass is typically not up to the standard of the genuine article, but if it does get broken touch response should still function if it is indeed a genuine Apple display underneath. But many of these repair shops state that copy screens are refurbished original Apple screens.

iphone screen repair image

Why Choose Compu b?

To guarantee a successful repair using an Apple certified screen and technician, then the only way is to visit an authorised Apple repair service like Compu b. Not only do you get the genuine Apple parts, but the iPhone is subject to post-repair calibration and diagnostics, using the software only available to official service providers like Compu b because it can only calibrate genuine screens. This ensures that all aspects of your iPhone are as good as new, including Touch ID, Apple Pay, Force Touch and many more.

Even if you have currently got a copy screen or refurbished screen in place, we can refit this with a genuine Apple screen in most cases. All Compu b stores now offer same-day, genuine screen repairs, for iPhone 6s or later, subject to stock availability at the time of your appointment.

You can book your iPhone screen repair appointment here