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6 Reasons to Buy the 2018 MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro Image

Our trade in offer is now live, where you can you can now save up to €500 on the purchase of any new Mac by simply trading in your old Mac. To make your decision to upgrade a little easier, we have narrowed down the key reasons to treat yourself to a new Mac this year. 

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Beautiful Display 

The MacBook Pro has always been ahead of its time with high-density retina display and now in addition to that, it has introduced wide colour display. This is the same digital cinema gamut introduced with the 5K iMac and the iPad Pro, iPhone 8, and iPhone X. This creates a streamline photo journey from your iPhone to your Mac all in stunning high quality.  

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Like the MacBook Air the latest Pro is sleek and lightweight. This design makes it easier to carry but with the same power as Apple’s previous designs. This makes this model ideal to pop in your bag and head to the office or college.

Hey Siri  

If you love Siri on your iPhone, then this is the feature you’ve been waiting for. With the latest MacBook, you can use your voice for everything, from launching a website to changing the display settings.

MacBook Pro side facing

Superb Sound  

The MacBook speakers are better than ever, they are placed on the sides of the screen and are of the highest quality. The volume and clarity are perfect for Facetime as well as streaming music. 

Amazing Speed

Apple’s latest MacBook Pro is its fastest yet. Equipped with a quad-core 8th Gen Core i5 or Core i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. This MacBook’s speed is unbeatable with a write speed of 2,682 megabytes per second. 

MacBook Pro front facingInnovative Touch Bar

One of the first of its kind, the touch bar now replaces the f-keys on the keyboard. By simply sliding your finger across the bar you have an array of features right at your fingertips. The strip is context sensitive, so depending on what you have open at the time the available tools change. This includes everything from a video scrubber or a quick emoji.

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