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The Essential Irish Podcasts on Apple Podcasts in 2019

apple podcast

On a long commute or when you’re hitting the treadmill in the gym, a podcast can be your best friends. As an Irish technology brand, we embrace Irish talent and in the podcast world our storytelling comes out the top of the charts. We’ve narrowed down some of the best Irish podcasts on the Apple charts right now to listen to on that long trip to work. 

apple podcast


The Blindboy Podcast

Comedian and social commenter Blindboy of Rubberbandit’s fame has topped the charts since 2017 with the Blindboy Podcast. An eclectic mix of surreal short stories, entertaining interviews and Blindboy’s take on changing Irish life. With a range of guests from Spike Lee to Roddy Doyle, it’s become a must listen for any Apple podcast user.

West Cork

Ireland’s first true crime podcast investigated the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier in Schull, Co. Cork on 23 December 1996. Over 13 episodes Sam Bungey and Jennifer Forde immerse themselves in the still unsolved murder that has been infamous in Ireland since it occurred. Any lover of true crime will love the gripping unfolding of what happened in the small town in Cork over a decade ago.

apple podcast 3


Those Conspiracy Guys 

Those Conspiracy Guys are quickly gaining popularity on the Irish Apple podcast charts. Irish presenter Gordo and his comedy guest's delve into the everyone’s favourite conspiracy theories from the 27 club to whether the world is flat.  

  apple podcast


The 2 Johnnies   

The 2 Johnnies has been topping the Apple podcast charts over the past year. Ireland’s favourite comedy duo has been gaining a strong following with live podcasts on their hilarious antics and parodies of Irish culture.  

apple podcast   

The Creep Dive  

One of the newest Irish podcasts to enter the Apple podcast charts, The Creep Dive is a deep ‘dive’ into the darker corners of the internet. If you’re a lover of weird viral content from across the world then this is the podcast for you.  


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