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When is it Time to Upgrade Your Mac?

Mac Family Image

Apple hardware is known for its longevity but there comes a time when a Mac reaches a certain age that it's time for an upgrade. This usually occurs when the cost required to repair or maintain the Mac is outweighed by the benefits of purchasing a newer model.
The best practice for an upgrade is not letting your Mac reach the point of no return and putting yourself at losing important data you might have saved. That’s why Compub has narrowed down the tell-tale signs of when it’s time to upgrade.

Your Mac Won’t Run the Latest OS X

Apple releases a new OS X every Autumn. Each time Apple releases a new version of macOS, they revise the minimum system requirements. If the latest release is deemed too demanding for older machines; they will be excluded from the release. Apple wants its products to excel therefore if you’re Mac is excluded then it is no longer running at maximum capacity. This is one of the first signs that it’s time to trade in your Mac for a newer model.

MacBook Air 2018

The Battery is Not what it Used to Be

Apple prides itself on a long battery life across all its products. However, at a certain point, a battery’s power will slowly start to diminish. Every time your Mac battery fully charges and depletes, that counts as one cycle. Apple states, “Your battery is designed to retain up to 80 percent of its original capacity at 1,000 complete charge cycles.”
If you’ve reached the maximum number of cycles, you may want to consider an upgrade so that your Mac can run for days and not hours.

Your Applications are Running Slower

Software applications are constantly updating and improving. Similar to hardware, applications want to run at maximum capacity. As they update, they tend to become larger and need the latest technology to run them. If your Mac is an older model it may no longer be able to run the latest software applications. This can be very difficult to rectify without upgrading your Mac.

iMac 2018

The Hardware is No Longer Up to Speed

While older Mac’s can handle HD video, 4K resolution is now becoming an industry standard. If you’re an Adobe Creative Suite user or just want to watch YouTube in the highest resolution without it lagging constantly then an upgrade is needed.

Right now, you can upgrade your Mac and other Apple products in store and receive up to €500 off your next Mac. Click here for further details on our latest upgrade offers.

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