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RedC Survey 2016

RedC Survey of IT Decision Makers in Ireland, sponsored by Compu b and featured in the Sunday Business Post Connected Magazine.

Top 6 Key Findings

Cost of Ownership

Intention to invest in IT is high as 4 in 5 those who have an IT plan in place intend to spend at least the same if not more than the year before

Security of Mobile Devices

Only 1 in 3 companies have a plan in place to deal specifically with data leakage prevention

Just under half claim to have mobile security plans in place for their company’s mobile devices

Market Concerns

When looking at the areas of concern facing businesses, maintaining Ireland’s Corporation Tax stood out as the issue of greatest concern. Data Protection also scored high in this regard.

Impact of Mobility on Doing Business

A large proportion of businesses claim that mobile sales plays no part in their business sales. On average, it accounts for 10% of sales, and is perceived to account for approx. 16% in the future

3 in 10 companies claim to use contactless payment in their business. This being higher among medium plus size businesses and retailers.

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