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RedC Irish Business and Tech Survey 2017

The RED C Research Survey on Irish Businesses and their IT usages sponsored by Compu b and featured in the Sunday Business Post Connected Magazine was published on Sunday the 3rd of September. Below, we highlight the top line findings from the survey. 

redc survey front cover

Topline Findings 

The Election of the New Taoiseach 

Most businesses claim that the new Taoiseach will have a positive impact on FDI and Support for SMEs, where-as just under half assert that he will have a positive impact on a post-Brexit border. A much higher proportion claim he will have no impact, than a negative one. 

Cyber Security

4 in 10 business are aware of the introduction of the GDPR being introduced in 2018, with medium sized companies over-indexing versus small SMEs. Of all applicable businesses, half say they equipped to deal with the new regulation. 

Irish companies are relatively cognisant of the growing threat of Cyber Security, 6 in 10 reporting that they are equipped to deal with the issue – however 1 in 3 are ill equipped. Over 80% of Medium sized SMEs claim they are equipped to deal with the issue, however only half this proportion of Micro SMEs claim they are properly prepared. 


Gaining and Retaining a Skilled Workforce in Tech/IT 

Half of the companies surveyed claimed that is difficult to attract skilled employees, double the amount that find it easy. Retention of staff is seen to be easier than attracting – but there is an almost equal amount finding it either easy or difficult. 

1 in 5 companies report that Brexit will make IT/Tech recruitment easier, a slightly higher proportion than believe it would be negatively impacted. However, half think that Brexit will make no difference to the recruitment of skilled employees. 

Over half of Irish companies find it easy to access training and professional development services for their Tech/IT staff. Unsurprisingly companies who invest in training programmes over-index in this regard, with over 7 in 10 finding reporting their staff as having easy access. Around 6 in 10 ‘business services’ companies invest in IT and technology staff. 


About a third of companies are training, or plan to train employees in the future in either Hardware, Sofware or apps essential to their company. 

Technology Budgets

For businesses with technology budgets, a third of companies report sofware as their main expense both in the current financial year, and in planned 2018 budgets. Hardware is the second largest budget investment. 

In relation to finance/leasing of technology budgets, the majority of companies fund their own tech needs with 6 in 10 not having any proportion of their budget financed or leased. 

The majority of companies report that they aren’t currently using an Opex Model, citing the lack of need, and no on going costs as the most common reason. 

In House Services

Infrastructure services such as servers, back up or network are currently utilised by nearly 8 in 10 of all Irish businesses. Video calls are used by about 4 in 10 Irish businesses. Meanwhile security systems such as Kerio or Cisco are used by quarter of businesses. 

Advancements in Banking

Advancements in banking have not gone unnoticed in Irish companies, with a majority claiming that changes have had positive impacts on how they do business. Access to bank account, Ease of Use, and Transactions have improved the most with 6 in 10 reporting a positive impact. 

Contactless payment has also been well received in business. Two thirds of companies surveyed reported it as having at least some impact, with over a third claiming it has had a significant impact. Just under half claim its also had an effect on their margins. 

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