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Disable Find My Device

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Every iOS Device comes with a feature called Find My Device, which allows you to track and / or erase your device should it be lost or stolen. To process a repair, we need to have this feature disabled.

Steps to Disable Find My iPhone / iPad / iPod

1. From the Home screen, go to Settings > Your Name (it should be the first item listed) > iCloud.

2. Tap the slider to turn off Find My iPhone / iPad / iPod

Steps to Disable Find My Mac

1. Click the Apple Logo in the top left of your screen

2. Click System Preferences

3. Click iCloud

4. Click the checkbox next to 'Find My Mac' so that it is disabled

If your device does not power on or is not in your possession

1. From your web browser on a Mac or PC, visit

2. Log in with your Apple ID username and password. If you don't know you password click here

3. Click on "Find iPhone"

4. At the top of the page, click "All Devices"

5. Click the device you wish to disable Find My iPhone from.

6. Click "Remove from Account"

If you are unable to preform the above steps

Please contact AppleCare support on: 1800 80 40 62